Advanced data operation helps boost your business outcomes
Lift Your Profits & minimize your costs
With DTise CDP, unleash your company's "behavioral data" (customer interactions, factory machine logs, supplier activities, etc.) to power high-impact predictive use cases, including Product Recommendations, Cross-Sells/Up-Sells, Predictive Maintenance, Yield Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Fraud, and many more.
Accelerate Your Predictive Use Cases
Produce higher-quality & more accurate predictive models in less time with DTise CDP Blueprints that incorporate extensive Deep Learning expertise for Behavioral Predictions, Behavioral Anomaly Detection, & Behavioral Segmentation.
Reduce Workload for Your Data Scientists
With DTise CDP's Deep Learning capabilities, reduce your data scientists’ data preparation and feature engineering workload by 50%. Your data scientists can avoid extensive feature engineering and having to set arbitrary time windows.